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Grow Tent Kit

A lot of people want to create an indoor garden, however, they find themselves unable to devote a whole room or build walls in order to construct that garden. Instead of doing that buying a grow tent is a much better option. The tent is very easy to setup and in it, you can create the perfect atmosphere you want for your plants. Versatility is what comes first with grow tents. The grow tent setup can vary depending on your needs, the tents can be in pretty much any size and they can take care of your growing needs, while also giving you a bit of privacy.

One bad side with grow tent packages is that they could benefit from more security since zippers are the only thing they have for securing the doors and windows. However, if you put the grow tent in a secure location in your yard then this won’t be a huge problem.


The first thing you need to consider once you decide to get your own grow tent kit is the size of the tent. You need to decide and carefully measure the length, height and width of the space where you want to put your grow tent setup. Keep in mind that the tent needs to be a bit smaller than the space you picked in order to make it easy for setting up and maintenance.

After picking the location for the grow tent, you need to decide what your gardening goals are, how many plants you want to grow in that tent and how big you want those plants to grow. Also, you have to decide whether you want to harvest continuously or in distinct cycles. All of these things need to be decided before you buy the grow tent because the type of grow tent setup you will need highly depends on them.

For example, people who harvest continuously use one grow tent for vegging, another one for flowering and sometimes even a third tent which is used for drying. Also, different plant strains grow differently so the containers in which they are placed varies also. Because of that the number of plants that can be grown in a single grow tent depends on what you will be growing.

Some people like to grow a larger number of smaller plants while others like to grow plants that are as big as possible. There is also the type of people who use the SCROG method, which is basically growing a couple of plants but training them to grow in a wide position.

All these things are the reason why picking the best grow tent setup can be a bit complicated. However, if you are sure of what your gardening goals are then you won’t have any problem with picking the right grow tent kit. In any case, here is a small guide that will definitely help you out:

  • 2’ x 2’ Grow tent – Perfect for 1-2 plants, usually mother plants.
  • 2’ x 4’ Grow tent – Can be set up in most closets, fits 2-4 plants.
  • 3’ x 3’ Grow tent – Very good for people who have limited space, can fit 2-4 plants.
  • 4’ x 4’ Grow tent – Can fit 1000w HID or LED grow lights, perfect for 4-6 plants.
  • 5’ x 5’ Grow tent – Probably the most used indoor grow tent. (4-10 plants)
  • 4’ x 8’ Grow tent – Same as above, very popular and can be used anywhere (4-10 plants)
  • 10’ x 10’ Grow tent – Can be set up in the garage, or in a spare room (12-18 plants)



Just like size, height is very important when picking a tent because it determines what kind of growing and lighting system you will be able to use. You need to know all of the variables that we already mentioned before buying a complete grow tent package. The plants and the light need to fit comfortably in the tent. The recommended distance the light should have from the plants needs to be present in the tent as well.

The standard height of most grow tents is around 7’ which means they can fit in almost all 8’ residential ceilings. In case you have a problem with that or you wish to have a higher tent then the gorilla grow tent will be the right pick for you. They are a very popular brand of tents that offer extension kits which you can use to extend the height of the grow tent. These extensions can also be stacked to create an even higher ceiling for your tent.

Any small grow tent will need weaker lighting, in order to avoid burning the plants. Some plants, however, need more intense lighting. In that case, the gorilla grow tent is the perfect option. You can stack several of their extensions and create a tall tent in which you can put the strong lighting higher, separating it from the plants.

Tent Quality

The best grow tent is the one that has a very thick tent canvass. The quality and the thickness of the canvass is very important because the longevity of the grow tent depends highly on it. A strong canvass will be more durable and will make the tent last longer. If you have to move the tent often a lot of punctures and tears could occur. If the canvass is made from a stronger material then it will definitely last longer.

Grow tents are naturally made to be light proof, however, the best grow tent is the one made from a thicker material which will also be more insulated from heat and noise.

Ventilation and electricity

Your grow tent setup won’t be finished until you add electrical cords and ventilation ducting. All tents will have ports of different sizes through which you are supposed to set up electrical cords and ventilation ducting. Make sure that the elements of your grow tent kit can be set up properly within the tent. The best grow tents have dual-cinching ports, using which you could totally block out all outside light, making your tent totally light-proof.

Keep in mind that some tents will have windows and additional mesh vents, which can be quite useful for anyone, especially experienced gardeners.


Choosing the tent

Only after taking into consideration everything that was mentioned above you can go ahead and get your grow tent. Picking the size is absolutely your decision and it will be based on the amount of space you are willing to sacrifice and put the tent there. Most companies that sell these kinds of products will offer you a complete grow tent package. This means that, aside from some basic maintenance, the package will help you create and maintain an optimal environment for your plants, regardless if you purchased a small grow tent or a large one.

All other things that you will have to pick will depend on the type of plants you want to grow. Heating, lighting, ventilation systems and many other things have to be chosen based on the type, amount and size of the plants you wish to grow.

Keep in mind that you need to account the space that you will require for setting up things like intake ports and other accessories. The best way is to leave a 12-inch perimeter of empty space around the tent- just in case you need that space to accommodate your grow tent kit.

Even if you are planning on getting an indoor grow tent, which you want to put in a spare room or a garage, you still have to think about the space required for those accessories and intake ports. Make sure the tent you buy is a bit smaller than the room or the garage, ensuring that you have enough space for the full indoor grow tent kit.

Tent or Cabinet

Last but not least we have to mention cabinets, which are widely used by indoor gardeners. If you must grow your plants indoor then a cabinet is a perfectly good solution. The grow cabinets are made to look just like classic storage cabinets, which makes them very good if you want absolute discretion. Cabinets are perfect for concealing your plants if that is your intention. However, your plants will never be perfect if you plan to put them in a grow cabinet. They don’t have enough growth space, which will result in smaller plants and a lesser yield.

This is why getting a grow tent is much better. If they are properly set up, even cheap grow tents will do a better job than a grow cabinet. All gardeners will benefit from the extra growth space which is offered by the tent. If discretion is a must then additional means can be taken to make the tent more discrete, however, with the indoor grow tent you will have much higher yields than you would ever get with a simple cabinet.